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Welcome. Thank you for visiting this site. I am a Licensed Psychologist-Master in the state of Vermont, in private practice since 2006. I offer a variety of services in person and online.

Please click here to contact me regarding current group or individual work, or call me at 802-735-7138.

Go to the Psychotherapy page if you would like to read about utilizing psychotherapy for personal growth and/or symptom remission. I have extensive experience working with complex trauma, stress, marital discord, anxiety and depression. I also have a history of working with artists/intellectuals who tend to focus on matters of creativity and meaning.



Go to the Meditation page if you would like to learn to meditate from a perspective that includes the main practices of a variety of Eastern traditions and also utilizes modern psychological and neuropsychological data. Also visit this page if you are interested in blending group work with meditation



There are also a variety of essays posted that you may or may not find amusing/helpful/alarming what have you....They are intended as helpful entry points into a variety of highly complex topics ranging from trauma to non-duality. They are not advice, but they may give you a starting point from which to find help of various sorts.

With Deep Regard,


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