Welcome. I am so glad you have found this site. I am a Licensed Psychologist-Master in the state of Vermont, in private practice since 2006. I offer a variety of services in person and online: psychotherapy - individual, couples, and group; meditation instruction for beginners wishing to take up a practice; and Realization Process work for meditators who wish to deepen their practice. 

Go to the Psychotherapy page (menu at the top) if you would like to read about addressing trauma, stress, marital discord, anxiety or depression.

Go to the Meditation page if you would like to learn to meditate from a perspective that includes the main practices of a variety of  Eastern traditions and also utilizes modern psychological and neuropsychological data.

Go to the Realization Process page if you are specifically interested in working with me from that perspective.

Then there are a variety of essays posted that you may or may not find amusing/helpful/alarming what have you....

With All Sincerity and Deep Regard I say To You,

Do Your Best To Be Well,


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