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Although "mindfulness" has become part of the popular lexicon in recent years and interest in meditation is soaring, there are a confusing array of perspectives on meditation. Drawing on the research literature in cognitive psychology, neurophysiology, and clinical psychology, and on my own practices beginning in the 1990s, I try to offer a broad framework that respects, but also differentiates, the many traditions, styles, and teachers available in the modern era. I want you to come away with an understanding of why you are doing what you are doing, how to best do what you want to do, and how to handle common pitfalls that arise in a meditation practice. With this orientation I hope you will feel comfortable choosing your own path forward.

To those ends I have created an eight week program which covers:

  • different definitions of meditation, understanding awareness, and establishing a practice

  • stabilizing concentration

  • differentiating the feel and uses of focused awareness and open monitoring forms of meditation

  • utilizing movement

  • bringing awareness into the body and somatic forms of meditation

  • understanding and utilizing loving-kindness meditation

  • distinguishing whether thoughts, feelings and sensations are distractions, or important signals that require further attention

  • An introduction to Realization Process

  • Self-inquiry as understood in the tradition of Ramana Maharshi.

This seminar is designed to be taught in 8 one hour blocks, weekly or biweekly with personal practice in between sessions. The cost is $30/hour per person for groups, or taught individually at a rate of $120/hour. I encourage you to form your own learning group and then contact me to arrange times. We can meet in person or on Zoom. 


Group Work

As described on the psychotherapy page, there are group modalities of psychotherapeutic inquiry that help us understand our social selves in powerful ways. I believe these modalities can be combined with meditation practices to great effect, and I am thrilled when I have the opportunity to help establish groups with a mindful orientation to interpersonal processes, or to help already established groups bring this dimension to their work. Depending on interest and need, my role can range from the open ended to the highly focused. A group may choose to have an open ended arrangement where we meet at weekly or monthly intervals, or, especially with already established groups, my role may be to provide a highly focused intervention. Please inquire as the devil is most certainly in the details.









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