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Here are some essays written in answer to questions or common concerns. I hope they are of some benefit to you. Obviously these essays are not medical advice and are not meant to replace a trusting relationship with a provider who understands your concerns, but they are meant to be helpful in deciding whether it is worth consulting with someone. The essays each have little titles and blurbs that explain what they are about and generally attempt to give the reader enough information to get oriented on topics such as meditation, self soothing, or relational repair. Best to you.

Basic Meditation -- Ideas for getting started and staying started.

Intermediate Meditation -- Bumps in the road sometimes encountered

Advanced Meditation -- Some ideas about post-awakening practice

An Open Letter With Nobody in Mind. Some ponderings on free will, autonomy, and what to do with it.

Sensuality, Sex, Sexuality, Intimacy and Relationality 

Resilience, Trauma and Affect Theory and why those topics matter to all people as both individuals and citizens.

Awakening, Selfhood and other Minor Matters

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