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It seems to me that the essence of things, what I will refer to as the non-dual perspective or nonduality, can be quickly experienced by most people, and yet requires a lifetime of enquiry. I would propose that across traditions there seem to be certain paths to the non-dual perspective that produce “success” at higher rates than others, and that most “successful” meditators wind up finding their own idiosyncratic combination of enquiry, mindfulness and loving-kindness to be the path. I would further propose that many students, at least of my acquaintance, have similar ideas to what I have expressed so far, but fail to notice, or

simply do not know how, to bring the body into the equation and find this balance of practices and perspectives that facilitates the noticing of awakening.

Realization Process is a synthesis of techniques from multiple traditions that hones in on the essential qualities and aspects of nonduality. It is therefore a direct path set of teachings in that it offers multiple pointers to direct experiential realization of the non-dual perspective. However, Realization Process is also a progressive path teaching that includes powerful and explicit techniques for working with many of the most common and bedevilling blocks that meditators encounter on their long road of infinite enquiry. The most ubiquitous block is that we do have these body-heart-minds, and they can be conditioned in ways that block letting go into the non-dual moment. Drawing on modern ideas regarding the usefulness of psychotherapy, body work and other empirically supported therapies for improving health and wellness, Realization Process offers explicit methods for handling pain, physical imbalance, relational trauma and even severe trauma (though professional support is generally appropriate in such situations) and just the general emotional residue that is left over from most people’s experience of growing up.

For people primarily interested in deepening an already established practice, Realization Process offers an incredibly useful combination of description and direct pointing. Without getting bogged down in metaphysical speculation, various degrees, qualities and types of awakening are mapped out in Realization Process. This schematic helps us understand our current experience and how we may still open further in some areas. Simultaneously, practices tailored to allow some direct experience of the various qualities described show us directly where we are more open, and where we might open yet further.

There is nothing more delicious than sitting together in fundamental consciousness, I hope you will investigate these teachings for yourself.

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Thank You Judith

Realization Process is the creation of Judith Blackstone, PhD. I encourage you to seek out her books, journal articles and interviews, or better yet, to attend one of her workshops or trainings. She and other Realization Process teachers can be found at 

Current Offerings

I currently host Realization Process Meditation sessions on Monday evenings from 7:15 to 8:00 and Friday evenings from 7 - 7:40 pm, EST on Google Meet. Free. Drop-ins of any experience level welcome. 

Mondays: https://meet.google.com/ssw-tjde-dnp

Wednesdays: https://meet.google.com/dhe-vjgu-aww

Fridays: https://meet.google.com/juv-eqiz-bor

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