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Realization Process is the creation of Judith Blackstone, PhD. I encourage you to seek out her books, journal articles and interviews, or better yet, to attend one of her workshops or trainings. She can be found at 


In terms of how I work with and teach Realization Process, I would say it is a synthesis of expressive movement, somatic healing approaches, non-dual spiritual teachings, and depth psychology. It aims at nothing less than a fully embodied, mature awakening. At once a direct pointing to that which is and also a progressive path of development, Realization Process offers a variety of entry points into the non-dual field, while also offering practices that show us where and how our realization is incomplete. One of the most unique aspects of Realization Process is the assistance of the teacher in helping you locate exact points of entry, or points of resistance, in the field of experience.

In my clinical work I use Realization Process extensively to help alleviate anxiety and traumatic reactions to stress, and also to help couples attune to each other. In both areas I find the techniques of Realization Process to be an unparalleled resource that works seamlessly in conjunction with traditional psychotherapeutic methods.

For people primarily interested in deepening an already established practice, Realization Process offers an incredibly useful combination of description and direct pointing. Without getting bogged down in metaphysical speculation, various degrees, qualities and types of awakening are mapped out in Realization Process. This schematic helps us understand our current experience and how we may still open further in some areas. Simultaneously, practices tailored to allow some direct experience of the various qualities described show us directly where we are more open, and where we might open yet further.

There is nothing more delicious than sitting together in fundamental consciousness, I hope you will investigate these teachings for yourself.

I currently host Realization Process Meditation sessions on Friday evenings from 7 - 7:40 pm, EST on Google Meet. Free. Drop ins welcome.

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